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Kristi Simpson & Mitchell Pilson — Minted

Kristi Simpson


Mitchell Pilson

Kristi Simpson and Mitchell Pilson

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Our Story

It was the last weekend of snowmobile season 2021. Mitch had enjoyed 9 straight weeks in northern Wisconsin and was hopelessly wondering what his off season would hold. Kristi had just gotten back from a girls weekend in Phoenix, AZ visiting her friend Liz. Both parties were on the dating app called Bumble where the girl has to send the first message. Kristi recognized high school friends Justin and Courtney in Mitch's profile along with several snowmobile pictures and sent him a message asking him how his snowmobile season was going. That topic sent a dagger into Mitch's heart that would change it forever. Sure, he was sad about the end of a special snowmobile season, but he had no idea what was in store for him! A week later the two celebrated St. Patrick's Day in Dundee, a tradition they had shared separately in the past, and ended their first date with a kiss on the foot bridge! And so they say, the rest is history!